The Contemporary Science team, just like the rest of the Science Museum, loves to innovate, to find new ways of working to provide exceptional experiences for our visitors. To create Pain Less we invited two groups to join our team; year 9 students from Langley Academy, and a group of adults who live with chronic pain. Kayte, our audience advocate explains why and how we worked with these groups to bring alternative and unique perspectives in to Pain Less.

Langley Academy

Year 9 students, aged 13–14, from Langley Academy worked with us throughout the creation of Pain Less to make sure the exhibition is fun and relevant to the next generation of science enthusiasts.

Click the link below to find out more about how they helped shape Pain Less.

Playing with pain

Not only did the group help us with the content of our Pain Less exhibition, but they got together with game makers ThoughtDen to create a game.

Want to play?… Have a go at Ouch!

Can you beat our high scores? The competition is fierce – blistered fingers all round!

Adult Group

Pain is a personal subject, and everyone’s experience is individual. A group of adults who live with chronic pain gave us a unique insight in to the topics we explore in Pain Less.

Click the link below to learn more about their contribution to the exhibition.

Uncovering the personal experience of pain


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